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Myths on Brow Lift Corrected!

A lot of people appear tired and fatigued even if they are really fully awake and relaxed. Some look angry and worried. If people often judge you as tired or angry even if you are not, it might be time for you to get a brow lift. Here at our Grandbury cosmetic surgery practice, we can perk up your eyebrows and make you look alert.

A brow lift can enhance the position of your brows and improve the appearance of your forehead as well as your upper eyelids. Despite being a very popular procedure, people typically misunderstand it. They believe in myths that prevent them from undergoing surgery. Here are the most common myths about the procedure.

You can just have a facelift or get Botox injections.

The results of Botox injections are temporary. If you want long-term results, you are better off with a brow lift. A full facelift is appropriate if the skin on your neck or the lower portion of your face is sagging. If you do not have this concern, a brow lift is an excellent option.

It makes you look surprised.

The procedure focuses on reshaping your forehead and not just lift your brows and forehead. The wrinkles on your forehead are smooth out, making you look happier. You will only appear surprised if the surgeon applies the wrong technique.

It ruins your hair line.

Incisions may have to be modified if a patient has a high hair line. Then again, the majority of female patients can undergo brow lift without ending up with noticeable scars. There is special consideration for males since they have a different balding pattern. However, the complications of a brow lift are typically temporary. In case the brows are slightly asymmetric, they can be easily adjusted. Localized hair loss only occurs when poor technique is implemented.

Letting a board certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience like Dr. Peterson perform the surgery is important so that the appropriate technique will be used during the procedure.

For more information on brow lift and to correct any misconceptions that you may still have about it, request an appointment with Dr. Peterson today by calling 817-579-5476. We look forward to your visit!