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Eyelid Lift in Granbury: What to Expect After Surgery

The eyes are the window to the soul. But what if your eyes make you look older than your real age or more tired than you truly are? If this bothers you, then undergoing eyelid lift in Granbury would be a good move. Eyelid lift is also known as blepharoplasty. It is a procedure that involves the removal of fat and skin from the eyelids. Since it is a surgical procedure, you will go through a recovery phase which normally takes two weeks. The healing process is made of several components, which you have to be aware of even before undergoing surgery.


Bruising usually occurs after surgery. Sometimes light redness can be close to the incision site. Other patients may have redness that covers the entire eyelid. Bruising may also be seen on the cheek, neck, or lower part of the face since gravity causes blood to collect in these parts. Bruising may be present for two weeks up to two months. They become yellow in color then change to blue until they go away. The good thing is that they always go away.


The eyelids or the face will swell after surgery. This is a normal response of the body as it sends cell to the treatment area for it to heal. During the first few days after surgery, swelling may get worse. After two weeks, most of the swelling will be gone.

Swelling can be minimized by applying cold compress. It also helps to keep the head above your heart so that fluid in the eyelids will be drained. Elevate your head and use a couple of pillows when sleeping.

Healing of incision

It can take time for the incision to heal. Fortunately, they become barely noticeable when they heal. Dramatic improvement is usually seen six weeks after surgery. It is important to avoid sun exposure to help the incision heal.

The recovery phase is just as important as the procedure itself. If you are interested in eyelid surgery, contact Lakecrest Cosmetic Surgery Center at 817-579-5476 and learn more about the procedure from its risks and benefits to what happens during the actual surgery up to your full recovery.