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Achieve the Better Version of Yourself with Grandbury Face Lift

The journey to becoming your best self is understandably a very personal endeavour and it should commence once you decide to embrace the reality that there is a room for you to improve on. That there is always a better version of yourself waiting to unfold, as you decide to take the necessary steps to reach that personal level of achievement.

If you are a woman advancing in age, you may be experiencing numerous skin and aesthetic changes as each day turns into months and months into years. Despite your hardest prayer, oftentimes you cannot control the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin to become conspicuous on your face. The good thing is that you can choose to do a definite step to remove or at least reduce these facial skin issues through a surgical procedure known as rhytidectomy (more popularly known as face-lift).

Facelift surgery is one of the expertise of Grandbury Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Steven Peterson. It is an extensive procedure performed by lifting skin off the face, tightening the facial and neck muscles, and also removing any excess skin. Since it is an extensive surgery that can potentially provide dramatic outcome, Dr. Peterson will undertake thorough screening and evaluation to determine if rhytidectomy is the ideal procedure for you. He will see to it that you truly understand the cost, expected downtime and possible risks. The Grandbury face lift, after all, is a surgical procedure so there is bound to be some sort of risk, no matter how remote and minimal.

Aiming towards achieving a more youthful appearance for you, Dr. Peterson will personally discuss with you and examine your physical and cosmetic conditions. If warranted by your aesthetic aspiration and needs, he will design a treatment plan that can most likely attain your goals. Before scheduling a surgery day, the board-certified surgeon will ensure that you fully understand and consent to every aspect of the planned rhytidectomy. Moreover, there is no total uniformity in terms of whole procedural process, as every cosmetic need and every aesthetic desire is personal in nature.

At any rate, these factoids are generally applicable when Dr. Peterson performs facelift:

  • Type of Anesthesia: General
  • Length of Procedure: 3 to 4 Hours
  • Down Time: 2 Weeks
  • Recovery Time: 4-6 Weeks

It is essential that you know what basic expectations to have when you consider undergoing a step that could likely help you achieve the best version of yourself. Dr. Peterson feels it a pleasure to help you achieve your transformation into a younger looking and more attractive individual.

Know more about this cosmetic procedure from Dr. Peterson himself, please contact us at 817) 579-5476 or fill out this contact form.