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Injectable Fillers Restore Lip Volume

Aging causes lips to lose volume over time. Lips that were once full and pouty begin to thin out and develop lines and creases. Sound familiar? More and more patients desire to improve the look of their lips and make them plumper and more luscious.

Can injectable fillers restore volume to lips?

While there are many methods that can be used to enhance the lips, the most common is the use of injectable fillers. Dermal fillers come in different forms. However, most clinics today use hyaluronic acid (ha) fillers to keep the procedure as natural as possible.

HA fillers work  by adding volume, structure, and shape. Think of injectable filler as scaffolding. Injectable fillers build up the foundation of the lips, resulting in improved fullness and reduction in fine lines and creases.

The results of using injectable fillers for lip enhancement last from six months to a year. A follow-up treatment is necessary to keep the appearance of fullness in the lips.

There are many benefits of choosing ha fillers for lip enhancement over others. These include:

  • Results are immediate.
  • More control over the desired volume of the lip. Your doctor will be able to closely control the amount of substance that will be injected to your lips, making it easier to achieve your aesthetic goals.
  • If too much filler is injected, it can be easily dissolved using an injectable “eraser” called hyaluronidase.
  • Movement of the lips may create lumps and bumps during or soon after injection. Injectable fillers made of hyaluronic acid are easily massaged out.
  • Less bruising is expected. Compared to other injectable dermal fillers, you will only experience minimal bruising and swelling with ha fillers.
  • Allergic reaction is unlikely. Since ha is a natural substance produced by the body, you are less likely to experience an allergic reaction from treatment.

If you wish to learn more about lip enhancement, request a personal consultation with Dr. Peterson by calling 817-579-5476. Dr. Peterson will provide you with more information, answer your questions, and help you determine the kind of lip enhancement that is most suitable for you.