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Erasing Scars with Cosmetic Surgery

Scars are the bane of existence for many people today. Some have scars left behind from accidents that now disfigure their features to a certain extent. Others have scars left behind from illnesses, such as chickenpox or even disorders such as acne. Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of products on the market that promise a fading or even eradication of the offending scar. Ointments, peels, and lotions available at the local mega mart promise success and offer money back guarantees. Unfortunately, the results are often less dramatic than the person purchasing the product had hoped, and sooner or later she or he becomes a patient at a cosmetic surgery clinic in an effort to finally get rid of the scar. Erasing scars with cosmetic surgery is not a new procedure, and many have successfully experienced a new look that the surgery has offered them. Of course, some scars cannot be erased, yet they can be significantly faded.

It is important to note that some scar removal treatments are more invasive than others. Depending on the size, location, and type of scarring, the physician will choose the treatment that promises the most success. For example, if the skin is located in an area that is surrounded by ample skin, the surgeon may decide to simply cut out the scar tissue and close up the wound. This may be especially effective if the scar is the result of an improperly treated wound. If this procedure proves to be impossible to perform, the scar may be relocated to become part of a set of features that may hide it. In the case of burns, or if the scarred area is quite large, a skin graft will provide the best chance of treatment. During a skin graft, the scar is removed and replaced with skin taken from another part of the body. If the scar tissue is extremely deep a skin flap, instead of a skin graft, may need to be moved to also supply the underlying tissue to the area. If you do decide to undergo any one of these types of cosmetic surgeries for removal of your scar, be certain to wait until your skin is at least one year old. At that time it will have faded as much as it ever will, as well as the color will have become permanent. If you go prior to that time period, the scar tissue is still healing and changing, and a physician will have a hard time determining which course of action to choose. Of course, once you have undergone a procedure for scar removal, it is imperative to follow each and every instruction the surgeon will give you. Nothing is worse than incurring new scars in the process of removing old ones, yet this may happen if the wound area is not treated properly and with the greatest care.

Non-invasive scar removal methods include the use of a laser. Encouraging the natural production of collagen under the skin, the tissue will soon even out and look more natural to the surrounding in comparison to the surrounding areas. In other cases, skin resurfacing with the help of a laser will be the appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, this “laser peel” treatment is of most use to candidates with a fair complexion. Others may still need to use the more traditional chemical peel to get similar results. Failure to heed the surgeon’s warning that your skin type and coloration is unsuitable for such treatment may result in pigmentation changes that will leave unnatural looking results in the wake of such treatments. If you do decide to go ahead with this kind of treatment, be certain to follow your physicians’ instructions prior to the treatment as well as immediately afterwards to ensure optimum results. Failure to do so may result in infections, scarring, and even redness and swelling. There are some side effects to the laser treatment that you will need to be aware of: as a matter or course, there will be some healing process of the skin that will result in excretions that may crust, if you pick off these crusts, you will most likely incur some scars; another side effect is a heightened sensitivity to everyday lotions and cosmetics that previously may not have irritated the skin at all.