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Slouchy and Wobbly Breasts? Have a Breast Lift in Granbury

Most women, as they age, will encounter some changes in their breasts by losing their fullness and firmness.  Yet, cosmetic surgery today will enable women to regain and improve their body shapes such as a Breast Lift in Granbury, TX at the Lakecrest Cosmetic Surgery Center.  Breast Lifts are generally known to professional cosmetic surgeons as Mastopexy.  Dr. Steven Peterson can help women with slouchy and wobbly breasts regain a younger contour with a new fullness and firmness with a Breast Lift cosmetic surgery.

There are a number of factors that cause sagging of the breasts.  Pregnancy, aging, breastfeeding are among the causes for women’s breasts changes.  Breast changes involve lessening the skin’s elasticity, youthful shape and firmness.  Also, the nipple will become a bit larger than before and a breast lift procedure can make it smaller in size.

A Breast Lift procedure can be done in an outpatient basis at the facility of Lakecrest Cosmetic Surgery Center.  Dr. Peterson will remove the excess sagging skin, properly place the nipple in a desired height and lift up the breast.  The procedure involves tightening of the skin and reshaping of the bust line.  Sutures will be concealed and the scar will fade after a year.

If you want to have a fuller or smaller breasts, you can ask your doctor if a breast augmentation or a breast reduction surgery is appropriate to achieve a more desirable result.  Breast Lift procedures will be best achieved first with your consultation with a certified cosmetic surgeon who will understand your need to improve your confidence with a good body image.

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