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Botox in Granbury near Fort Worth

Botox Treatments Fort Worth

What is Botox®?

Botox® is a trade name for the toxin that Clostridium botulinum produces. Many people dwell on the fact that this toxin can cause botulism poisoning (which is true), but when used in very small, controlled and diluted amounts, it has proven to be a safe and powerful neurotoxin effective in treating wrinkles.

The use of Botox has become very popular among patients all over the US simply because it is able to achieve almost the same results of a face lift without the need for surgery. Not everybody is willing to go under the knife to look more youthful and Botox® offers a less invasive alternative to patients with this apprehension.

But unlike facelifts, the effects of each Botox treatment are not permanent and the results fade over a period of several months. If you are satisfied with the results of your Botox treatment, talk to our team about scheduling touch-ups to help you maintain your youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

How does Botox® Work?

Botox® works by standing in the way of the signals sent by certain muscles, not allowing them to reach the brain. Thus, the muscles do not contract, causing fewer wrinkles. Over time, the skin’s memory fades as the muscle remains relaxed and the wrinkles reduce accordingly.

Botox® treatments can also be done in combination with other cosmetic procedures for a more rejuvenated effect. Botox effectively treats and reduces the appearance of frown lines, forehead furrows, crow’s feet, and neck bands. This can also be used to give your hands a plump and more youthful texture and appearance.

What is done during Botox treatment?

Prior to your Botox treatment, Dr. Peterson will first determine if you are suitable to receive the treatment as some patients may have sensitivity to the active ingredients. Botox treatments are dangerous when put in the wrong hands. As simple as the procedure may seem, its administration requires years of skill and knowledge that only a licensed professional will have. It is crucial that the correct facial muscle is targeted in order to effectively reduce the appearance of the facial line and wrinkle.

Using a fine needle, Botox will be administered in small amounts into the facial muscle. Each session will typically last for about 15 minutes depending on how many areas are to be treated.

How Long does Botox® Last?

This varies slightly among patients, but you can expect results to last approximately three to four months. After that, the instrument of action within the Botox® wears off. Some women are able to move the muscles gradually for a month or two before seeing signs of wrinkles returning.

Botox® has been tested, FDA-approved and safely treating wrinkles for decades, so receiving multiple treatments to maintain the reduction of wrinkles is acceptable.